Well. OK. Admitted. Not all searches. All Tech Conferences cannot help you find your home, car or bicycle keys. Nor that one lost sock (have you checked the laundry machine filter?) or perfect In-Laws. What All Tech Conferences does aim to do, is help you find the right Tech Event(s). Globally.


You can search the directory by event name, region, tag, date or author.  You can also review events that you have visited yourself in the past. Please do! It’s very helpful to other event visitors and event organizers. You will find the option to review an event at the bottom of every event detail page. All event listings will be saved for 18 months.

Besides offering basic event information such as date, location, and URL. The event detail pages also aim to provide information on:

  • Attendee numbers and profiles.
  • Standard ticket prices. (no early bird, no door sale).
  • Options for marketing and networking.


All tech event organizers are courteously invited to submit, claim and promote their own events at All Tech Conferences. They can do so by creating a free log in. All basic event entries are free of cost. To find out more about the free and paid options for event promotion on this site please visit advertise.

To claim an event that has already been listed by All Tech Conferences. Click on the “claim this post” button that you will find on the right top corner of each event detail page. After successfully claiming a post you will be able to edit and maintain the listing as normal.

All Tech Conferences is an initiative of and operated by The Red Dress Effect.

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