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STARTING DATEMarch 7, 2018

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LOCATIONManchester, England

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The cloud is a fundamental building block in a modern IT infrastructure, but it can be so much more than simply a service. The total global public cloud market is expected to increase 21.9% to $178Bn in 2018, from $146Bn in 2017. The cloud landscape is flourishing into maturity and we are watching it develop in its wider environment of IoT, cyber-attacks and data protection. These influences are driving cloud analytics, containerisation and security forward and into the spotlight in 2018; but how can they help your business grow? Our speakers and technical experts will show you how to utilise cloud technology and trends to take your cloud to new heights and make your business faster, safer and more efficient.
The year of cloud automation
As cloud computing continues to evolve, there is increasing pressure for technology to perform, while improving costefficiency and, most of all, security. Automation is changing how we work, how career paths progress and is improving business operations. Our experts will explore how automation can change the direction of your business.
What will we do with all the data?
As consumers and professionals, we are continuously creating more data. In order to handle the mass data production, Forbes predicts that 50% of enterprises will adopt a cloud-first strategy for big data analytics in 2018, that will meet the need for greater control over costs and more flexibility than can be achieved in-house.
How secure is your cloud environment?
As cloud evolves, it is becoming an increasingly attractive security target, and both cloud providers and organisations must continue to work towards maintaining a secure environment. Last year, was a record-breaking year for cyber-attacks. Amongst the largest were the WannaCry ransomware attack and the WireX DDoS attack. Our experts will cover the key areas of cloud security to enable you to work in partnership with your cloud hosting provider on your security strategy.
The green, green cloud
Working towards reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint needn’t be limited to your own office walls, it also extends to your hosting solution. The majority of a data centre’s energy expenditures support data storage, which has resulted in the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) promoting new technologies and architectures in an effort to significantly reduce energy usage.
It’s time to get your GDPR ducks in a rowT
he General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is the EU’s legislation for the protection of personal data in Europe. The compliance deadline is the 25th May 2018 and is merely months away. Our experts will be exploring how UK businesses can work with their cloud provider to ensure their due diligence under the GDPR pre-Brexit, and how the UK’s own data protection legislation will be changing to facilitate the continued free-flow of data post-Brexit.

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