Commercializing African Innovation Forum


    Commercializing African Innovation Forum eNubia is hosting the 2nd annual Commercializing African Innovation Forum (CAIF) in partnership with the African Union and Association of African Universities on scaling African Scientific Research and Innovations. This year’s forum will focus on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the ability to scale… Read more…

    Africa Tech Festival

    Cape Town, South Africa, VIRTUAL

    Africa Tech Festival Resilience and Growth: Uniting Tech and Talent for Socio-Economic Impact Bringing together leading events AfricaCom, AfricaTech, The AHUB, Video Exchange Africa and more! BACKED BY THE BIGGEST BRANDS! As the largest and most influential tech and telecoms event on the continent, Africa Tech Festival is supported by… Read more…

    Devops Summit 2021


    Devops Summit 2021 – starting Nov 8th, 500 leaders from DevOps business, technology & start-up communities will come together virtually.

    IEEE NFV-SDN 2021

    Heraklion, Greece & VIRTUAL

    IEEE NFV-SDN 2021 will focus on the foundation, design, verification, operation, security, and evolution of virtualized network functions and the advances in the NFV concept.

    Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2021

    Berlin, Germany, VIRTUAL

    Join us at the Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2021 from November 9th to 11th to hear security executives, thought leaders, and KuppingerCole analysts share valuable insights on establishing and managing a dynamic, risk-based cybersecurity program at your firm.

    Digital Transformation Week North America

    Digital Transformation Week North America, 9-10 November 2021 (MST) is a FREE virtual event and conference consisting of top-level content and thought leadership discussions exploring the Digital Transformation ecosystem.

    OCP Global Summit

    San Jose, CA, United States & VIRTUAL

    The 2021 OCP Global Summit brings together thousands of key decision makers, executives, engineers, developers and suppliers.

    Hyperautomation Expo


    Hyperautomation Expo: get real insights from real businesses who’ve seen results with Hyperautomation & understand their journey to success.

    APAC Data 2030 Summit


    For the past five years Data 2030 Summit has served as a remarkable knowledge-sharing and networking platform for data practitioners in the Nordics, Europe and Middle East.

    DevOps Day
    10 Nov


    DevOps Day – get insights into cultural philosophies, work practices & tools that will increase your ability to deliver applications.