• 08

    08/02/2021, 08:35 Data2030 Summit 2021

  • 09

    09/02/2021, 7:00 Datanova

  • 30

    30/03/2021, 09:00 Ai X Summit

    Data2030 Summit 2021


    Data2030 Summit 2021 Data2030 Summit is an annual strategy roundtable event gathering the Data Management community in one platform to discuss ways of enabling faster Data Innovation and AI deployment across the enterprise by setting up a modern Data Management strategy and platform for the new decade. Read more…

    09 Feb


    Datanova Datanova is a two-day virtual conference, hosted by Starburst, that will empower data teams around the world to get the most and best out of their data. Read more…

    AI X Summit
    30 Mar

    Boston, United States

    Ai X Summit Accelerate Your Business With AI Savvy business professionals and executives are embracing AI to accelerate growth. Attend Accelerate AI and better understand exactly how impactful AI solutions can reshape your business, and learn how to incorporate AI across the enterprise. Read more…