Network Technology

  • 24

    24/02/2019, 09:00 NDSS Symposium 2019

  • 12

    12/03/2019, 09:00 Peering Days

  • 08

    08/04/2019, 8:15 WAN Summit New York

  • 21

    21/05/2019, 8:15 WAN Summit Frankfurt

    San Diego, United States

    NDSS Symposium 2019. The Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS) fosters information exchange among researchers and practitioners of network and distributed system security. The target audience includes those interested in practical aspects of network and distributed system security, with a focus on actual system design and implementation. Read more…

    Peering Days
    12 Mar

    Zagreb, Croatia

    The largest peering conference in Central and Eastern Europe Peering Days is an international conference of experts directed at network engineers, peering coordinators, internet providers, cloud administrators and data centre operators in the Central and Eastern European Region. Read more…

    New York, USA

    Wan Summit New York. The the only event bringing together enterprise and service provider communities to examine WAN market drivers and technologies. WAN Summit New York will puts WAN strategists and service provider executives in the same room to discuss common challenges and IT trends. Read more…

    Frankfurt, Germany

    WAN Summit Frankfurt. An Event for: Network Managers You’re responsible for a global enterprise network. You struggle with the barrage of new networking solutions and best practices brought to the forefront by cloud services and your growing internet-bound network traffic. Read more…