GopherCon 2021

San Diego, United States

We’re dreamin’ big to make GopherCon 2021 accessible to all gophers this year, despite the residual effects of the coronavirus. So mark your calendars!

Connected Germany 2021

Mainz Congress, Germany

Connected Germany 2021 AUFBAU EINES SCHNELLEN UND SMARTEN DIGITALEN DEUTSCHLANDS Die Konnektivitätslandschaft Deutschlands wandelt sich um. Das Ziel ist ehrgeizig: Der Ausbau von flächendeckenden, konvergenten Netzwerken mit Gigabit- Geschwindigkeit bis Ende 2025. Es ist jetzt mehr als je zuvor unerlässlich, dass sich alle, die am Aufbau von Netzwerken der nächsten… Read more…

GOTO Amsterdam 2021

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

GOTO Amsterdam 2021 is a high quality software development conference with three days of conference talks.

ACT NOW Tech Summit

Breda, the Netherlands

ACT NOW Tech Summit richt zicht in de programmering op de huidige ontwikkelingen in de technologie en op de toepassingsgebieden hiervan.

WITI’s Digital Inclusivity Summit


WITI’s Digital Inclusivity Summit will take place online with attendees, speakers, award winners & inductees from around the globe.

Python Day
07 Dec


Python Day   Python Day: Python has seen quite a lot of growth in the past years- especially caused by the raising demand for data analysis About the event Over 30 years ago Guido van Rossum was struggling with the sometimes too complicated syntax of ABC. He wanted something new… Read more…

Virtual MSP Academy


Virtual MSP Academy Join us for our Final MSP Training Academy of the Year!  Our 2-day MSP Training Academy will be December 8th and 9th, 2021! Kicked off by a Pre-Day, December 7th hosted by RapidFire Tools and AutoElevate.  Our 2-day Academy will be a little different than the past… Read more…

Software Testing Conference 2021


Software Testing Conference 2021 brings together practitioners and thought leaders to present tools and techniques to help you understand your environment better.

How SREs Spearhead Competitive CX


In this webinar, Salim, with over 18 years of experience in overseeing reliability at Google, will talk about the history of Site Reliability Engineering.

How to choose the right blockchain for development?

In this exclusive webinar, our blockchain experts will guide you on selecting the best-fit blockchain platform specific to your business.

DevTernity Conference


The DevTernity Conference is the top 3 international software development conference in Europe.

Inbox Expo Winter 2021

Valencia, Spain & VIRTUAL

Inbox Expo Winter 2021: the event for the messaging industry is back and in person, with up to 200 senior industry professionals.