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What is the 0111 CTO Conference Las Vegas?

0111 provides you with endless opportunities to learn and grow with your fellow attendees through: 

– Innovative Processes: multiple opportunities to work and learn in diverse groups, experimenting with new ways of working together

– Real-world Learning: we have lined up a suite of timely, relevant topics delivered by in-the-trenches CTOs using multiple learning modalities

– Unexpected Connections: build authentic relationships that will bring meaning and life-long value to your world

Who is it for?

Anyone and everyone who is in a technology leadership position.


8:00 Check In/Registration

8:30 Welcome!

Etienne de Bruin, Founder 7CTOs

9:00 Keynote: The Coming Wave of Human-AI Augmentation

Alex Bates, CEO Neocortex Ventures, former CTO Mtell.

After a decade on the front lines of AI, applying machine learning in the IoT and working with human users of AI prediction engines, Alex discovered that humans and AI are highly complementary. The coming wave of Human – AI Augmentation applications will unlock massive value. The talk will cover specific use cases for hybrid human-AI applications, and a different way to approach machine learning.

10:00 Architect For Success!

Larry Heminger, CTO Sapiens Data Science

Let’s assume our company and business will be a huge success. As CTOs, what technology decisions can we make each and every day to best set ourselves up to win, both short and long-term, and to minimize technical debt and refactoring downstream? Examples of system & cloud architectures will be discussed, calling out both decisions that stood the test of time, as well as poor decisions which required major re-work.

10:40 Your Customers Hate You: And Other Lies

Heather Wilde, CTO ROCeteer, Inc, TWIP

When you release your software and products into the world, you open yourself up to the gamut of possibilities. This includes negative feedback from customers that can leave even the most experienced developer unprepared. How can you stay on track when everything you hear tells you you’re wrong?

11:20 Leading with your Emotions: What they never taught you in CTO School

Vladimir Baranov, CTO AdvisorEngine

Some people can handle the emotional response to challenges well and this talk is not for them. However many CTOs , including myself have problems processing emotions.  Over my career I have identified coping strategies and analogies that help defuse the situations or emotional bottlenecks.

12:00 Break for Lunch

1:30 Serverless War Stories: My Journey So Far

Steve Bjorg, Founder & CTO MindTouch

The serverless application model is a brilliant new way to build and deploy solutions, but it comes with its own set of unique complications. In this talk, I share the challenges we encountered, the solutions we embraced, and the bumps we see on the journey ahead.

2:10 Right Job – Left People

Emily Deere, CTO Ad-Juster

You have all the right jobs – but are you leaving a lot of good candidates out of your job search? What people are being left out of your hiring practices. This talk will discuss often left out qualities of job searches that transcend gender, age and the reality of being ‘real’ in a job interview.

2:50 Mob Programming, A Systems Approach

Matt Ferguson, CTO Zeeto

How many of you would like to improve efficiency reduce overhead? Did you ever wonder why your team can’t get to the next level? It’s my belief that the feedback loops in software development teams do not incentivize the right outcomes Many of us have experience with the many tried and true software development methodologies. They fail to deliver on the promise of agile and lean.

3:30 Strategies and models for building effective teams

Alo Sarv, CTO SOCi

Building and leading teams that deliver results consistently is very hard. Effective communication is rooted in trust and empathy, which are the building blocks for successful teams and organizations. Through understanding of key mental models, recognition of systems leverage points and deliberate practice, it is possible to intentionally create a culture of high-performing teams, focused around collaboration and alignment.

4:10 Mechanical Confidence

Adam Cuppy, COO Coding Zeal

More often then not “confidence” is taught as a practice of positive self-talk; that confidence is the result of belief and time. While this appears to be true, it isn’t. Confidence can be developed, mechanically. We can be more confident without having to solely believe we’re confident. Confidence, in fact, is the result of ingrained habit. This talks looks at how you can develop a process to instill what so many of us wish we had more of.

5pm Break for Cocktails


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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


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