ISACA Conference Europe 2021



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ISACA Conference Europe 2021

ISACA Conference Europe 2021 – Stay ahead of emerging trends and gain new tools, guidance, and insight. You’ll learn from a variety of domains fit for all learning profiles.

Learn from Home
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ISACA Conference Europe 2021 will have a virtual option. We want you to still be able to learn and advance during this difficult time—all from the comfort and safety of your home.

ISACA Conference Europe 2021 Online Community in Engage
Leading up to and after the event, all attendees have the opportunity to connect with other participants, speakers and sponsors in our online community. Discussion boards are open to continue conversations from the sessions, and presentations will be available to download after the event in the community library.

ISACA Conference Europe 2021 Programme

IT Audit
In addition to its traditional audit and assurance responsibilities, IT auditors are increasingly being called on for advisory services within their enterprises to counsel on the risk of new technologies, strategies for adopting new technologies and implementation guidance. The increased value an IT auditor can provide as an advisor means that many need to increase and expand their skills and develop nontechnical skills that support awareness of their enhanced roles. Designed by and for professionals such as you, this topic provides case studies and real-world examples to enhance your abilities to audit and improve the systems and processes that power and protect the success of organisations worldwide.

IT Governance and COBIT
Good enterprise governance of information and technology (I&T) in an organisation is proven to increase ROI and intended financial and nonfinancial benefits. This topic focuses on strategies to achieve enterprise objectives and deliver stakeholder value, including introduction and application of the COBIT I&T governance and management framework. Sessions in I&T Governance and COBIT assist organisations’ efforts to ensure that business strategic objectives are met while mitigating risk and optimising resources. Compliance is also touched on in this topic—through the appropriate directing and monitoring tasks that should be established through organisations’ efforts to comply with external and internal requirements.

For over 25 years, high-performing organisations have achieved clear, sustainable business results with ISACA’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). Sessions on this topic will cover innovative approaches to achieving quality, establishing a culture of continuous performance improvement, measuring performance gains and return on investment, reducing cost or defects, and more. Hear for yourself what measurable benefits are achieved through CMMI adoption across the globe and in a variety of industries.

The importance of solid security/cybersecurity practises cannot be stressed enough. Given the ever-growing nature of the threat landscape, it is paramount that security practitioners keep their skills honed and stay abreast of the tactics, techniques, and procedures required to mitigate and manage security incidents. Enhance your understanding of the challenges surrounding cybersecurity and information security topics through this domain. Additionally, sessions in this domain will delve into the cybersecurity workforce skills gaps and strategies to combat finding qualified applicants and retaining cybersecurity staff. Attendees will also enhance their security and cybersecurity awareness and skills by applying frameworks such as NIST and COBIT to assess their organisation’s cyber capabilities.

With privacy laws and compliance rules becoming prevalent around the world (e.g, GDPR, CCPA, the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), ISACA is pleased to include a topic set devoted to privacy issues. Sessions on this topic delve into privacy requirements, tips for compliance, risk factors and governance over an enterprise privacy programme. Additionally, sessions will focus on the importance on privacy by design and why organisations should approach privacy concerns holistically.

IT Risk has impacts that ripple throughout the organisation. Starting from a basic roadmap and guidelines, you can start telling the story of IT Risk and its consequences. From there, some advanced and fairly complicated approaches to IT Risk come into play from technical, business and leadership perspectives. Sessions on this topic helps you uncover your own organisation’s risk culture and formulate your specific approach to IT Risk, including effective communication strategies.

Performance Improvement
Capability and performance improvement enables organizations to focus on improving their critical business processes, people, and tools to achieve tangible business results. Sessions on this topic will share insights into how organizations build and improve their capabilities to achieve consistent performance results and higher levels of capabilities.

Emerging Technologies
Forward-thinking IT executives and practitioners know that the future of emerging technologies and technological advances and shifts will drive change across the IT field, as well as business and industries worldwide. Sessions on this topic are designed to assist IT professionals to acquire the skills and knowledge of the technologies of the future so they can prepare themselves and their organisations for implementation, provide meaningful thought leadership, and have a competitive advantage in their careers.

Leadership Development
Having great ideas and insights is not enough; you must effectively communicate those ideas throughout your organisation. When you learn to do this, both your ideas and your career will flourish. Sessions on this topic offer practical advice and tips for current and aspiring IT leaders on how to build awareness and support for important IT issues that others may miss. Bolster your credibility and exposure with these proven methods and ideas.



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